3 Best Yoga Poses to Open and Balancing the Heart Chakra

Heart chakra, also knows as anahata chakra means unstruck or unbeaten, refers to its relationship with the heart, which throbs, beats or vibrates to a constant unbroken rhythm. It is located directly behind the centre of the chest. Ancient yogis believes that anahata is the space where purity resides. That’s why, once the kundalini reaches and awakens anahata chakra, the practitioner becomes a yogi.

1. Cobra Pose.

Lie flat on the stomach with the legs straight and the forehead resting on the floor. Place the hands besides the ribs, roll the shoulders back. Lift the chest while trying to straighten the arms, drop the head to the back.
Beginner tips: slighly bend the elbows, or keep the head on the center to prevent dizziness.

2. Camel Pose/ Ustrasana

Stand on the knees that is open hip width apart. Top of the feet resting on the floor. Slowly lean back, reach the right heel with the right hand, and the left (heel) with the left hand. Drop the head back, and relax the neck.

Avoid straining the body. Tips for beginner: tuck the toes, or place the hands on the back as support, or keep the in align to the shoulders.

3. Cow’s Face Pose/ Gomukhasana.

Place the right ankle next to the left buttock, and left (ankle) next to the right (buttock). This gives the impression of a cow’s face.

Stretch the left arm up and bring it down behind the head and back. Stretch the right arm downward and bring it up the back. Clasp the hands together. Alternatively, the hands may be rest on the upper knee.

Counterpose: child pose and seated forward fold.

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